Shipping The Nissan Altima Through Reliable Auto Transport Company

Nissan has a long history of producing low-cost, reliable vehicles that are fun to drive. Their priority is the safety of the drivers while also focusing on innovative design and quality construction that includes automated and all-electric vehicles.

The company has an approach towards manufacturing a mainstream family car that is enjoyed by people who look for smooth handling, decent power, a comfortable ride, and great fuel economy. This is what has made them gain recognition as a world leader in success and technology.

The Altima is their top-selling sedan that has also been the best-selling car in 2011. It has a reputation for its durability, superb build quality, and awesome gas mileage. Therefore, you need a reliable and experienced auto transport company when it is time to move your Nissan Altima to a different country.

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Best ways to ship your Nissan Altima

Open and closed carriers are the two ways of transporting vehicles.

Enclosed carrier

The safest way to ship your Nissan Altima is within an enclosed auto transport that has two options:

  • Soft-sided enclosed carrier: the soft sides protect your Nissan from conditions like wind, debris, rain, sleet, and snow.
  • Hard-sided enclosed carrier: the hard sides offer extra protection to your Nissan in case there is a collision or accident.

Open carrier

Almost 97% of vehicles are transported by open-air carriers. This is the cheapest and safe option that will protect your Nissan car from road vibration and other kinds of shocks and jolts on the road. They are the same carriers that even the Nissan dealer uses.

Moreover, your Nissan Altima will be guarded with cutting-edge gear and arrive at the destination within seven days after being loaded. A reliable auto transport company will provide adequate insurance coverage that would cover most of the damages.


Check a few important factors before shipping your Nissan Altima.

Proper documentation

Ensure you have the proper documents for your Nissan Altima to ensure a smooth and hassle-free shipping process.

Empty the gas tank

Before leaving your Nissan vehicle at the terminal, ensure the gas tank is empty to avoid any kind of explosion during transport.

Removing the valuables

Car shipping companies would not be held responsible for the theft or loss of any items in the car including illegal substances. Too many items in the car will also make it overloaded.

Cleaning the vehicle

Get your Nissan vehicle thoroughly cleaned before transporting it. Take a photograph so that you can document any damage that might occur during shipping.

Many options might fit your needs and be affordable too. Look for a safe, insured, and experienced company for transporting your Nissan Altima across the country