Is Cheap Auto Insurance for Young Men Possible?

We all remember that we have made many silly mistakes, adrenaline rushed decisions and crazy things behind the steering wheel in our youth. Unfortunately, underwriters know this thanks to the large statistical data they have and they aren’t normally going to ignore it. Yet, there are new ways of getting cheap car insurance rates for young men. This post will look at why it is difficult and how you can get over this hurdle.

Why Male Drivers under 25 Are High Risk

We need to look at traffic accident data to answer this question. In general, teenage boys are likely to cause more severe accidents that result in deaths as well as large destructions. Two main causes of these collisions are excessive speed and inexperience. This combination is often tragic for the families.

Unfortunately, drivers are easily excitable and can get confidence for absolutely no reason in those ages. Furthermore, they are more likely to crash when they are with friends due to distractions and need to show off. So, parents need to watch their children when they just start driving and make sure that they don’t load the car with many friends and go for a drive.

The statistics aren’t as bad for teenage girls. They may cause as many accidents but they are not as devastating. So, girls can actually get cheaper auto insurance rates in comparison. This continues in the later years as well since females on average get 15% lower quotes.

The Solution for High Premiums

The problem is getting categorized with the rest of them, even though you may be a very sensible young man. There are ways of proving that you are better than you peers, like doing well at school and being within the 10% range of successful students. There are a few companies that offer special rates for it.

However, the real winner is the telematics, which is a device installed in the automobile and shows driving patterns. For example, you could get really low premiums if you don’t drive at night, don’t brake excessively, stay within the home, school and work triangle and observe speed limits. All that data is seen by the vehicle insurers in real time.

Agreeing to such monitoring can deliver substantial rate reductions that makes this new way of calculating premiums very popular for new motorists. They are calculated every month in some cases but mostly you get a great discount for just agreeing to it and they don’t take it back as long as you don’t give them a reason to do so.

New companies are coming to market with variations of telematics insurance. There are some that only monitor the mileage while others can look at everything. It is fair to say that these types of products are now widely available through the usual names you know as well as companies that just sell telematics-based coverage.

So, don’t easily give up and accept expensive auto insurance premiums. Do your research and find new policy types of coverage options and carriers with innovative solutions. Again, shop extensively to find all of them and see which quotes are more appealing to you. This is certainly a sure way of managing a better price.